Along with its Experienced CEO DJ / Emcee Sonny, Next Generation DJ Entertainment prides itself as the Area’s Finest Professional Event planning Service. Our staff includes Event Planning Specialist, talented DJ’s, MC’s, Dancers, Entertainers and Equipment Technicians. Each of our individual staff members plays their own special role in making sure that your special event will provide the upmost quality entertainment service. We specialize in events such as Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, and other various celebratory events. Next Generation Entertainment provides award-winning service throughout the tri-state including Westchester County, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
Our World Class Entertainment performances, State of the Art Equipment, and Staff of Qualified Professionals provide the difference among all competitors. Along with these amazing components, Next generation ensures that we will provide you with the fairest and most courteous service, pricing, punctuality, and trust, providing for a wonderful experience. We would love to be the Entertainment source for your Wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Corporate, or Private Event Entertainment. State of the Art Sound, LED Screen TVS, Intelligent Lighting, Dance Platforms, Photo booths, Award winning photography, cinematography and much more! We guarantee to exceed your expectations in each and every event in which we provide our services!

Feel free to contact us today to discuss customizing a package that caters to your goals and objectives. Music Matters ! Quality Matters ! Service Matters ! Below you can find some great info about our professional entertainers.

Next Generation DJ Entertainment is the leader in Event Planning & Music productions. Voted the best of weddings by the knot & wedding wire 10 years in a row and also being featured in Manhattan bride Magazine, we strive to provide our clients with top quality service.

Next Generation has performed at over 10,000 events in the tri-state area, providing over 20 years of combined entertainment experience. We have the experience to ensure a perfect event for you and your guests.

CEO & Founder - DJ - Emcee - World Class Music Recording Artist - Creative Director


Founder & Owner of the award winning Next generation DJ entertainment, Sonny has performed at over 1500 events internationally and domestic. He is rated the tri state areas #1 DJ & Emcee performer. Sonny excels in both being a professional well spoken energetic Emcee and also a world class musically talented DJ performer, he possesses both qualities (which no one else has yet been able to replicate)

Sonny is also a world reknown recording artist & music producer. He has had chart topping hits such as his single “ Alive” which was released on Ultra music Records,the biggest Dance label in the world. With support from Superstar Djs like Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Calvin Harris & so much more . Sonnys music has been played consistently all over the world and on famous Radio stations like Z100, XM Radio , BBC , Electric Area & so on. His musical talent far supersedes anyone else in the mobile DJ business. He can play for any type of crowd anywhere, anytime and always exceeds his client’s expectations.

Sonny was also the orchestrator of White Plains # 1 EDM party of all time @ Elements called “Live dance be free.” He has performed in Europe, Canada , Arizona , NYC & Florida . He has had the honor to Perform at the trendiest nightclubs like Pacha NYC, Deko lounge , Elements, Grand and many many more…
Sonny also speaks fluent Italian and has hosted many bilingual events within the Italian community.

“It’s not about the equipment or the flashy stuff, its what I do with the music, the performance is what makes it happen, its where the soul is”

“My passion and love for music has always been a part of me since i was a child, It’s infinite”

“I strongly believe the entertainment is the most important part of any event, it gives people an experience”

“Creating the vibe & atmosphere is what I feel is one of the most vital elements to any event, essentially it sets the tone “

DJ - Emcee - PR relations


Vito came into the DJ business at the age of 13, with a very strong interest in music.. In what started as a small weekend job helping to set up DJ equipment, Vito quickly developed a passion for the DJ industry and began to learn how to DJ almost immediately with the training of some of the top entertainers in the industry. By the time he was 15, Vito had already started to DJ and Emcee events by himself. His charismatic personality allowed Vito to gain the attention of many clients and catering venues. It was around that time that Vito had met Sonny and immediately became close friends and colleagues. By 2010, with already nine years of experience, Vito officially joined the Next Generation team under Sonny’s guidance and immediately became an integral addition to the company. From weddings, to Sweet 16s and other events, Vito has now become one of the well-known faces of Next Generation DJ Entertainment & the music industry. His devotion to the entertainment business, extensive knowledge of music, and passion for making clients happy, has established him into a successful entertainer and vital Member of the Next Generation team.

DJ - Emcee


Frankie has been a DJ & Emcee for over 10 years and has proved to be one of the most requested members of the Next Generation team. His passion for music and performing grows stronger every year. He met Sonny at a very early age and has trained with him for over 8 years. Frankie also has had many nightclub residencies and is one of the Hudson valleys Hottest DJs. He brings a very upbeat electrifying vibe to all his events, from super sweet 16’s to high end Weddings. Frankie is also a bilingual emcee & works with all his clients to ensure a perfect event from start to finish.

DJ - Emcee - PR Relations


Dominick has been at Next Generation Entertainment for over 12 years now. He started out as a DJ at the early age of 16. He has a love and passion for music & brings 100 % to all his events. Dominick has knowledge of all genres of music & works with his clients closely to create a customized performance. Dominick has also performed at some of the hottest NYC & Westchester nightclubs. With packed Dance floors and elegant introductions he has become one of the most favored entertainers in the business.



John is one of the areas most requested Emcee performers. He has been performing for over 10 years. He brings non-stop excitement to all of his events. John is a true professional. He ensures all his events are perfect from start to finish and works closely with every client to deliver a unique performance tailored specifically to their needs. With over 1000 successful events John continues to be one of the area most requested emcees. He is notorious for bringing energy & excitement to another level & of course packing dance floors.

Emcee - DJ


Marco is a World class Emcee performer and a phenomenal DJ. With over 15 years in he business Marco has exceeded all his clients’ expectations. From High End Mitzvahs to over the top Weddings Marco has proven to be one of the best in the Industry. His extensive knowledge of music and energetic Emcee skills makes him the perfect host for any event.

DJ - Emcee


Joe is one of our most requested DJ/ Emcee performers. He is a true professional and has performed at over 1000 events in the tri state area. Joe has an extensive education in music and crowd interaction. His services are always highly personalized to create an event tailored specifically to the client’s requests.